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LeyfDate: Monday, 2011-07-11, 3:12 PM | Message # 1
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<NCDRP> Is Nerd Cave DarkRP. Our server is a unique DarkRP experience with all in our power to make it the fastest download speed, and the most entertaining server.

Our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NCDRP

The servers IP and list of Staff Members are posted on the group. If you wish to become a part of <NCDRP>'s staff, just head back to the home page of our forums and locate the Apply for Operator section. Operator is the lowest form of staff member but is still cherished in our community.

Staff Privelages: (The ranks of the staffs go in order, you start at Guest and work your way up. Each rank has benefits.)

Guest- the basic player. You are here to play for maybe a few hours, then leave.

Respected- if you return to <NCDRP> a lot and your a good player, you don't break rules and you're a joy to have around with, you will earn the Respected status.

Trusted- If you are an outstanding player and are well liked by the community and staff, you my earn the Trusted rank. This gives access to many new tools.

Donator(OPTIONAL)- If you decide <NCDRP> is worth paying for, then by all means donate! <NCDRP> USES ALL DONATIONS FOR THE SERVER COST. NOTHING. ELSE. Donators will receive 100,000$ in-game cash and access to DONATER EXCLUSIVE JOBS!

Elite - Elite is a rank that has extra tools and has access to the !kick command. Elites are NOT counted as staff members, but are respected. Becoming an Elite either happens by choice of the Senior Staff, or if you were runner-up to the position of Operator.

Operator(Must apply)- the Operator is the first level of Staff on <NCDRP>. Operators have the privilege to grab other players with their Grav Gun and use the Kick/Ban and Slap features. Operators are trusted members of the community and are the the "trainees" for future Admins.

Admin- The level after Operator. Gaining the title of admin means that we trust you at <NCDRP> and we want your talents to be used to keep our server at a friendly environment. Admins have access to almost all of the features.

Super Admin- It is rare that a new Super Admin gets called upon, but it happens. Super admins play in <NCDRP> as if its a singleplayer; they have ALL tools and abilities. This is the highest level of admin.

Co-Owner - NCDRP is ran by two brothers, Leyf and Filli. To obtain Co-Owner, you must be seen by us, as a brother. Getting the rank of Co-Owner is extremely hard. You must show dedication, work-ability, and compassion towards NCDRP.

Server Owner- Hahahahah, not happening. <3


Didn't find what you were looking for here? Add one of the staff members on steam or talk to us in-game and just ask! smile

Forum » <NC> Dark RP » About <NCDRP> » About NCDRP (A little bit about us)
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