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Forum » <NC> Dark RP » Roleplaying Discussion » What is Roleplaying? (I hope this helps some of you.)
What is Roleplaying?
LeyfDate: Monday, 2012-02-13, 1:07 PM | Message # 1
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Roleplaying: The act of performing as a theatrical or fake being. Becoming someone else.

There are many gamemodes throughout Gmod that involve RPing and each have their ups and downs. DarkRP is known as the “Call of Duty” of Roleplaying Gamemodes within the Gmod community. But here at NCDRP, we like to take it a LOT more seriously. Or at least I do.
Now I know a lot of people either find roleplaying boring, or very difficult. If you think it is boring, I will literally label you “retarded”. Roleplaying is an ever expanding world of stories, creations, people and events. There is possibility for MILLIONS of stories to be created on NCDRP alone. In this post, I am going to try and help people to create characters, stories, and have a more enjoyable RP experience.
I have been Roleplaying since I was in the 2nd grade. School plays is a perfect example of Roleplaying, and I don’t mean to brag, but I have won awards for acting. Roleplaying comes naturally for me, and I would be more than happy to teach anyone what they wish to know about it. Roleplaying comes with a set of talents that help to have, but are not required. If you can write/think of stories, create characters, voice act, or can literally make yourself a different person, you can Roleplay just fine.

Prime Example of Roleplaying:
My longest standing Roleplaying character is Tetrenov Muigechev, a Russian with a hard life. He has existed with me for THREE YEARS. And I never once get bored of him. I have developed Tetrenov so well to the point where common players of NCDRP or DDRP know who is as if he was a real person. Now let’s break this down:

Start: I was bored, and very new to Roleplaying. I stared something as mundane as a Watermelon shop that was very secluded. I was so enveloped with my character that I was Roleplaying ALONE by doing small things such as “/me wipes the counter with a cloth.” Even though no one was around, it helped me become Tetrenov. From the start of a character, you can build on and advance endlessly.

Added (2012-02-14, 0:07 AM)
Story: Tetrenov was going to be a criminal, I knew that much. But he has gone through 3 years of life. He started as a no-one. Then he gained members and friends. He did petty crimes for a few months before literally ruling a server as the most revered and feared gang. After that, he calmed down and started doing business and leading his Russians to become the most influenced and wealthy business owners. We sold guns, drugs, protection, spying, recovery, etc. After DDRP closed down, we moved to NCDRP and started anew. We began Russian Exports again as a crime-heavy ass-kicking unstoppable force, but later found that that was getting repetitive and we wanted to RP more. We stopped raiding every chance we got and we turned to better our town. We financed Gun Dealers, protected new store owners, influenced small businesses like Mail and Guards and we even worked with the CP team a few times. Now, Tetrenov has no more friends, he has no gang and no family, he has NO ONE, because that’s how I wanted HIS story to go. All the people that were in Russian Exports still exist, and most still play Gmod, but Tetrenov, as a person, left. That’s what Roleplaying is ALL about. You can’t let your personal feelings get in the way of your RP Character. When I was confronted by a Provenzano (after I quit their gang) they actually asked if I hated them. I was blown away by that question. The answer is NO! Tetrenov didn’t like the Provenzanos, that does NOT mean I, Leyf, do as well!

Lore: Even if you cannot write stories to save your life, it helps to have a story behind your character. Tetrenov has a mother, a father, a brother, close friends, arch-enemies, a favorite gun, his father’s Desert Eagle never leaves his side, he has an emblem, a password for all Russian Export members, a logo, hand signs for his members, secret phrases that mean different things, a favorite color, a favorite fruit, a favorite building. Tetrenov. Is. Real. And that’s EXACTLY how you must look at every character. I have about 15+ characters, and I know them all as a person. Because baby, I created them.

Expansion: Every Roleplaying character has to have room for expansion. They must change, they must find hardship, they must make friends, make enemies, make stories, and MAKE A LIFE. What I have planned for Tetrenov won’t be easy. I had to make people not like me. I had to quit a very friendly Provenzano Family. I had to abandon the Russians, I had to seclude my once notorious crime-filled life to living in a home and working a mercenary life, but for what? I can’t say. Because what I have planned for Tetrenov will take months. He will come back with a story so epic, you won’t believe it. But WHY Leyf? WHY are you putting all this time into a character who doesn’t exist just to satisfy the title of a Roleplaying Server?

Because this is NCDRP. And this is DarkRP. We don’t just have fun here. We make stories. We make friends. We make enemies. We Roleplay. I enjoy Roleplaying, and if you want to do the same, then do it. There is NOTHING stopping you.

Happy Roleplaying, I hope at least one of you gets an idea from this.

Forum » <NC> Dark RP » Roleplaying Discussion » What is Roleplaying? (I hope this helps some of you.)
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