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Voice Acting
LeyfDate: Friday, 2011-10-14, 12:39 PM | Message # 1
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Voice Acting. It's something I KNOW all of us can do, but why don't people do it? Do you find it embarrassing? Do you find it difficult? Do you not know what voice to choose? I think I can help!

A lot of people, at many given times have approached one of my characters and said, "Leyf, is that you?" or "Are you using a Voice Changer?" or "Where are you from?" IM FROM WISCONSIN. NOT RUSSIA. NOT IRELAND. AND NOT THE VOID.

There are many different kinds of voices that you can place into every character. As a FACT we can all do 3 voices. High, Normal, and Low. If you have a naturally low voice, your high voice will most likely crack or distort but your low voice will have more options such as intimidating or strong sounding voices. If your voice is higher, like mine, you can use lots more "funny" or "odd" voices, but my low/serious voices are very limited.

Think of how great the Roleplaying would be on NCDRP if we all used different voices for every character. Literally, it isn't possible for everyone because throwing your voice can be difficult, but it IS possible to do at least THREE. The only people I EVER hear voice act are: Me, Rageface, Jeremy, Chocolate Pie, and Romero. If I missed you, I didn't try to. But these are the people that do a good job.

Voice Acting is awkward. It really is. If you have judgmental parents/siblings that could or will overhear you voice acting or practicing voice acting (practicing can get brutally hilarious), I would recommend doing it outside or in the shower or something. Be in a place that you are comfortable speaking in ALL different ranges. If you are new to voice acting and want to practice, I'm going to lay down as many tips as I can to help out people who really want to learn. PRACTICE IS KEY. I didn't get a Russian Accent by thinking about it. I played Grand Theft Auto IV for hours and listened to Niko and Roman bicker. Accents are WAY more difficult than Voices. The hardest accents are Irish, Russian and German. Scottish and British are more common, but usually, people slaughter their British ones. Australian sometimes slips in there as well. Accents cannot be taught aside from knowing how to pronounce certain vowels and consonants. With Russian, it isn't a matter of consonants and vowels, but how your voice sounds in a whole. With British, it's a little easier because vowels like "O" are pronounced "Ouo" in British for the most part.

There are a few different types of Voice Acting that I am aware of. Now I'm not a professional, but I am pretty damn good so I'm going to use my own terms and explanations.

Added (2011-10-14, 11:39 PM)
Nasaly - This type of voice is usually the result of someone being sick, whereas you can't control how odd you sound. This type of voice is the kind I use when playing Emmanuel, the Hobo. To achieve this voice, you have to close your throat. There are 2 kinds of "throat closings" lower, and upper. When you close the lower-part, you should almost feel like choking, or feel like you have obtained a double-chin. With upper, it should feel like your tongue is elevated. Play around with this. Try to sound like you are sick.

Gutteral - I use this technique when playing Detective Kurt O'Brian. All of the voice comes straight out of the gut. From this technique, you get a more powerful and unnatural sound to your voice. You can add other things like Throateral and Tongue Placement into the Gutteral technique to get your desired sound.

Throateral - This is probably the hardest voice acting that is done. Its all done within the mouth and throat. This type of Voice Acting is used when I play Tetrenov, it is the only way to get and use a Russian Accent. The entirety of this technique is how you place your tongue, throat, and jaw to fit different combinations. If you master this type, you can do nearly any voice. This voice also applies to Beultrilav with her raspy voice.

Exhaled - This voice acting is applied when I play Kurt O'Brian as well, along with The Owl and Ronnie Radke(Ronnie was the lead singer of Escape the Fate. I can sound JUST like him with the squeals and cracks in his voice as well). Exhaling a voice is pretty easy, it just require more air/force coming OUT when speaking. Normally when you talk, its normal, duh. But if you talk normally, and apply more force/air, it should feel and result differently. If when you do this, you sound "airy" like you are "speaking like the wind" you are doing it wrong.

All of these techniques are and can be combined and found within each other to get HUNDREDS of voices. Some people simply can't throw their voice, it's normal. But I KNOW most of you can. Remember, this is ALL PRACTICE. You will NOT get desired results right away. I can nearly promise you that.

Tetrenov- Throat, Gut, Exhale. Low
Beultrilav- Throat, Gut, Nasal. High
Emmanuel- Throat, Exhale, Nasal. Normal
Ronnie- Throat, Exhale, Gut. High.
Banshee Squeel(dont ask)- Throat, Exhale, High, High, High, High, THROAT.
Kurt O'Brian- Throat, Exhale, Gut. Normal
Sydney- Throat, Exhale. High-Normal

Forum » <NC> Dark RP » Roleplaying Discussion » Voice Acting (The Art of it!)
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